A study to establish a maritime industrial city on the Syrian coast

The Director General of the Maritime Transport Corporation, Hassan Mhalla, revealed that the Corporation is studying the project of establishing shipyards to build and repair ships on the Syrian coast.

Mhalla announced the authorization of a committee to study the establishment of the Maritime Industrial City.

“We are in the process of allocating the land and water space necessary for the study,” he added, referring to the Corporation’s serious working to increase its navy and highlighting the diversity of  commercial ships, ferries and cruise ships in accordance with requirements of the global maritime transport market and government directions so as to serve the national economy”.

“The Corporation’s revenues amounted more than 1.5 billion SP during the first eight months of this year and about 39 % of its investment plan was implemented during the same period”, Mhalla said.

He added: "The amount of goods transported on the ships of the Corporation during the current year is estimated at 195,264 tons, an implementation rate exceeding 100 %".

As for the difficulties and obstacles facing work work, Mhalla stressed that the unfair sanctions imposed on Syria, especially the ones issued by the US Treasury in 2015, led to the boycott of many international and commercial insurance companies to dealing with the Corporation.

Inas Abdulkareem