Participants in the 5th "Rebuild Syria "Exhibition: Public and Private Sectors Should Join Efforts to Reconstruct the Country

The 5th "Rebuild Syria "Exhibition, currently held at the Damascus Fairgrounds, has created a possibility for foreign companies working in the areas of construction and building materials to find out about investment opportunities in Syria and about the Syrian markets' needs in the coming era.  

The event, which was  opened on September 17th with the participation of 390 companies from 31 Arab and foreign countries, is exhibiting products in the domain of energy, health, agriculture, education, telecommunication, real estate, transportation, protection systems, water technology and information technology. The exhibition concludes on September 21st.

The exhibition aims at forging partnerships between sides from both the public and private sectors to serve the process of reconstruction, according to some participants.

"The reconstruction process in Syria necessitates joining the efforts of all public and private sectors' companies which are concerned in building materials and construction studies, said Maria Saadeh, a Syrian architect and Director of a company for architecture and engineering studies participating in the event.

 She added that the exhibition is an opportunity to show requirements of reconstruction and it is a place where investors can meet owners of economic companies and projects with the purpose of meeting the needs of society and the requirements of the reconstruction process.

Also from the local participation, the commercial manager of "Balqis for Ceramics" Factory Yousef Alousi  said that his company's participation aimed at sending a message to the world about the quality of the Syrian production, noting that the company presents different types of ceramics with modern specifications.

Highlighting the Iranian participation in the exhibition, Yehya Nibarani, owner of an Iranian company that specializes in knowledge economy and building, said "we are here to get acquainted with the economic situation in Syria and to exchange expertise with Syrian businessmen, traders and industrialists. He pointed out that his company displays a 3D printing technology used in architecture, hoping that this technology will be of great benefit to the reconstruction process.

On his part, head of the Russian delegation participating in the exhibition, Igor Matviev said that the exhibition is a golden opportunity for Russian companies to expose their capabilities in the field of reconstruction. He expressed readiness to cooperate with the Syrian side to identify the investment opportunities and to unify the frameworks for trade and economic exchange.

From the Russian" Skolkovo" Company for Software and Information Technology, Maxim Anisimov talked about the company's readiness to convey an advanced technology that assists in reconstruction and accelerates the Syrian industry production wheel.   He pointed out that ten Russian companies working in different industries are taking part in the exhibition.

Representing part of the Chinese participation in the exhibition, the Chinese Sinoma Cement Company hopes for fruitful cooperation with the Syrian Cement Company in the reconstruction of Syria. Representative of the company stressed his country's interest in contributing to reconstructing what terrorism has destroyed in Syria through conveying  an advanced technology in cement manufacturing.

Many other participants form Arab and foreign companies affirmed that their participation in the exhibition expresses their support for Syria in the confrontation of the unilateral coercive economic measures.

Hamda Mustafa