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Situation of Syria’s Oil Products this Coming Winter:

Syria Times conducted an interview with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources’Syrian Company for the Storage and Distribution of Petroleum Products’ (Mahrukat) General Director Mustafa Hasweh.

What are the tasks of Mahrukat Company?

The Mahrukat Company was established in 1974. It is one of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources’ companies. It has a direct relation with citizens and all economic, industrial and services sectors in Syria.

Mahrukat transports stores and distributes the following oil products: Gasoline (all kinds), Gasoil, Diesel Oil, Kerosene (all kinds), Asphalt, Coke, Fuel oil, Dissolvent materials, improved gasoline, cooking gas, and others. The Homs and Baniyas oil refineries produce these oil products.

Today, Mahrukat distributes daily approximately 2million liter of diesel (heating oil), 4.8 million liter of gasoline (benzene) and 125.000 bottles of cooking gas to all Syrian governorates.

Concerning the American and European unfair sanctions on the Syrian oil industry and oil imports to Syria, he said that the unfair American and European sanctions and embargo has harsh effects on oil exporters to Syria. The sanctions on oil tankers, financial transactions and exporting oil companies badly affect crude oil and oil products supplies to Syria. The Syrian government and Mahrukat was able to successfully overcome these sanctions and obstacles in several ways. 

Concerning the Mahrukat’s preparations for the next winter, he said that the coming winter will not as harsh as the last year’s winter.  

Mahrukat is receiving applications and distributing diesel (heating oil) to citizens in all governorates. The registration on heating oil in Damascus and its countryside will be via smart card by calling the number 9884 or via the interactive channel on telegram called (Smart Card Project in the Syrian Arab Republic) or through the application (Android Win), via the free USD code application on Syriatel or through the integration page on the social networking site (Facebook).

On September 10, the numbers of registered families in Damascus Governorate reached 60.000, each family takes 200liters, and in Damascus Countryside Governorate reached 139.000, each family takes 100liters.

Mahrukat started distributing diesel (heating oil) l to the Syrian Arab Army’s families of martyrs and wounded since August 15-Ordinary families since September 1.

Today, one million and 800 thousand liters of diesel (heating oil) are allocated daily for heating purposes and the quantity will be increased according to the actual need and in coordination with all branches of Mahrukat in the 14 Syrian governorates. 500 tankers have been equipped in Damascus and 350 in Damascus countryside to distribute diesel (heating oil). 

How does the emigration of qualified engineers and working staff affect the Mahrukat’s ability to do its job?

Today, the Mahrukat Company has 6334 engineers, employees and workers, 5107 males and 1227 females. Some workers and employees have left the work and retired but there are still professional experienced working staff. There are workers and employees have experience of over 25 years.

The Company’s working staff of gas station workers, tankers drivers, and warehouses workers work hard day by night to decrease the negative impacts of the oil products shortage last April.



Interviewed by Obaida al-Mohammad, Inas Abdul Kareem

Photos: Obaida al-Mohammad