Bloudan Tourism Festival Revives Economic Activity in the Town

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The 3rd Bloudan Tourism Festival, which concludes its activities today, contained several cultural, social and economic events.

"Made in Syria" exhibition, which accompanied the festival, was an important economic event that provided an opportunity to some companies working in the domain of food, clothing, detergents, housewares and stationary to market their products in competitive prices, particularly in the light of the big number of visitors to the town of Bloudan.

  The exhibition was organized by the Chamber of Industry of Damascus and Damascus Countryside in coordination with Damascus Countryside governorate.

Representatives of some companies participating in the exhibition told the Syrian news Agency (SANA) that the event gave them the chance to introduce and sell their companies' goods directly to consumers in competitive prices and suitable offers. It helped producers know about consumers' suggestions to develop the products.

Many visitors were pleased that the exhibition offered suitable discounts on wide range of products.

Handicrafts had a special section in the exhibition. They attracted many visitors particularly those interested in heritage. The exhibits included copper, glass and wood artworks, mosaics and crosheh works that contributed to introducing the Syrian traditional crafts and heritage to Bloudan locals and visitors.

Bloudan festival was also an opportunity for rural women to promote their products.

Hamda Mustafa