New strategic industrial ventures with Iran

Syrian sources revealed new agreements with Iran that aim at setting up important industrial factories including ones for cars, baby milk, cancer medicine,   electric equipment, import and export fields, gas and infrastructure, construction and solar energy.

Secretary of the Syrian Iranian Chamber of Commerce Mosan Nahhas affirmed to al-Wattan newspaper that the agreements with Iran to set up factories for baby milk, cancer medicine and cars will be signed in the coming few days, specifically before Adha Eid. Also ventures in building will be put into action. Nahhas pointed out that Iran is able to build a 5-floor building during one month and this is what Syria needs.

Nahhas highlighted Syria’s acceleration towards enforcing its industries and setting up new ones in the field of building, health, medicine and baby milk in an effort to break the economic sanctions, adding that there are no obstacles, there is a great support and Iran is open with Syria.

Nahhas referred to the great facilities with Iran in the oil sector such as the payment facilities which will help Syrian businessmen to set up profitable industry without any obstacles. 

Deputy Chief of the Syrian Iranian Chamber of Commerce Fahd Darwish highlighted the keenness of Iranian businessmen to establish factories for petrochemistry, solar energy, electrical industries, cables, ceramic and iron in Syria, adding that Iran has many proposals in this field.

Syrian businessman Hisham al-Tabba’a said that the Syrian delegation paid a visit to Iran last week and offered many projects including a big one for tomato sauce which is scheduled to be set up in Dara’a on a 2000 square meter plot.

“The customs between Syria and Iran are zero taxes now”, al-Taba’a said pointing out that giant Iranian companies offered proposals to finance   and establish towers in Marrota city which in turn will serve the interests of the Syrian and Iranian sides.

Chief of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce in Qom Province Ahmed Wand highlighted the Iranian intentions to cooperate in developing the electricity network in Syria, referring to the Iranian doctor’s 100 inventions in medicine which will be conveyed to the Syrian doctors as well as the medical companies.

Inas Abdulkareem