Sales of Homs Sugar Company Exceed Two Billion S.P in Six Months

Homs, (ST)- Sales of Homs Sugar Company amounted to about 2 billion and 147 million SP during the first half of this year from its products of sugar, yeast, soap, oil and alcohol.

The company's director, Eng. Abdo Al-Mahmoud, said that more than 11,000 tons of white sugar were produced from refining raw red sugar, pointing out that the plant is in a good working condition after it was restarted mid-May last year when it was forced to stop for about two years until the discharge of the company's entire stock of white sugar.

Mr. Al-Mahmoud stressed that the oil factory was operated during the months of March and April last year where 230 tons of raw sunflower oil were refined, resulting in 203 tons of refined sunflower oil filled in packages with a capacity of 16 kg.

He confirmed that a contract had been signed with one of the public bodies to sell all the refined quantities. He pointed out that the plant is currently discontinued cotton oil until the quantities of cotton seeds supplied to the company by Al-Waleed Factory.

 The company's director pointed out that during the mentioned period, 3192 tons of soft yeast were produced and supplied to the governorates of Homs, Tartous, Lattakia and Hama. In addition to 94 tons of soap were produced during the same period.

It is worth mentioning that Homs Sugar Company consists of four factories, namely: "sugar, yeast, alcohol and oil", one of the oldest companies of the public sector in Homs.

Amal Farhat - Homs