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Syria Participates in the AICC’s Meetings

Rome- During the meetings of its Board of Directors and the General Assembly of the Chamber, the Arab-Italian Chamber of Commerce (AICC) with the participation of Syria discussed here today the development of trade exchange and economic cooperation between Italy and the Arab Chambers of Commerce.

The head t of the Chamber of Commerce of Damascus countryside, who is representative of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce in the meeting, Waseem Al-Qattan, expressed during the meeting hope for the restoration of Syrian products markets in Europe in general and Italy in particular and that the next phase will see real increases in the level of cooperation at all levels of trade and economic investment, calling the members of the AICC to participate in the Damascus International Fair in its current session.

The head of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce pointed out that “Syria is moving towards reconstruction with the return of many factories and the opening of new ones besides tens of thousands of small workshops that are working in the field of textiles, handicrafts, food and others, stressing that Syria has important export possibilities and has managed to restore its markets in more than 120 countries around the world and export hundreds of goods despite years of harsh war.

It is worth mentioned, that the Damascus Chamber of Commerce in October participated in the meetings of the Board of Directors and General Assembly of the Arab-Italian Chamber and the Forum of Economic Cooperation between the Arab States and Italy in Rome.

Sh. Kh.