Syrian-Iranian-Iraqi talks to enhance cooperation in rail links

Tehran - During a tripartite meeting held in Tehran, the Director of the General Organization of Railways, Dr. Najeeb Al-Fares, discussed with his Iranian counterpart, Said Rasouli, and Iraqi Jawad Kazim ways to enhance joint cooperation in the field of linking railways and increasing transit and development of import and export between the three countries.

Mr. Rasouli announced during the meeting that the project of linking the Imam Khomeini port on the Iranian side of the Gulf waters with the port of Lattakia on the Mediterranean Sea was discussed, pointing out that the project of linking the Iranian cities of Shalmgeh and Basra, 32 kilometers, will begin after about three months. The implement and funding will be from Iranain side. The project will be completed by linking Shalmgeh port of Imam Khomeini and linking Basra with the port of Lattakia.

For his part, Al-Fares noted that Syria recognizes the importance of linking the three ports among those countries, which will contribute to strengthening trade relations between them.

The Deputy Minister of Roads, Khairullah Khadmi, who attended the tripartite meeting called to accelerate the start of the project to link the cities of Shalmgeh and Basra, whereas the agreement was signed  during the visit of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani to Iraq in March.

Sh. Kh.