Indian Company to Complete the Expansion of Tishreen Thermal Power Station

Damascus Countryside - A delegation from the Indian company “Bharat” on Monday visited Tishreen Thermal Power Station, southeast of Damascus, to complete the expansion of the plant, which had been suspended during the past years due to the terrorist war on Syria.

The Minister of Electricity, Eng. Mohamed Zuhair Kharbotli said in a statement to the correspondent of Sana that the completion of the work in this project is vital and important and comes after the restoration of security and safety to most parts of the country where the decision to return to Syria was taken by the Indian experts to continue work..

Eng. Kharbotli explained that the implementation period of the project takes 29 months for the first group and 34 months for the second group at a cost of 305 million euros.

The Ministry of Electricity and the Indian company “Bharat” signed a contract to implement the expansion of Tishreen thermal plant with a capacity of 400 MW through two steam turbines working on fuel and gas with a capacity of 200 MW.

The company started operating the project in October 2010 but the company stopped working as a result of the terrorist works in Syria.

Executive Director of “Bharat” Company Akilco Mar pointed out that the visit of the delegation to Syria comes to coordinate with the Syrian government to start the implementation of the project in mid-June, especially that the supplies are located at the site.

For his part, the financial director of the company “Thebot Gupta” pointed to the good relations between India and Syria, which have not broken over the past years, noting that the company was waiting for the opportunity to return to continue to implement the signed projects.


Sh. Kh.