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IndustryMinister: Rationalization of Imports, Reviewing Current Reality of Syrian Industry

DAMASCUS-The People's Assembly on Monday discussed,at the second session of the tenth ordinary session of the second legislative session, the performance of the work and tasks of the Ministry of Industry.

The activities of the members of the PA focused on the rehabilitation of the public sector’s companies that ceased production, especially the factories of shoes, glass and serum.

The Minister of Industry, Mohamed Maan Zein El -Abidin Jazbah presented a presentation on the reality of the Syrian industry in the current period after the operation of a number of production lines and companies that were ceased production during the crisis, pointing out that the creation of complementary activities for production such as the production of building materials in the cement companies.

The Minister also pointed out that 77,000 industrial and professional establishments were rehabilitated and resumed work, adding that the ministry is working on modernizing the production lines on a permanent cooperation with the Scientific Research Center and the Ministry of Higher Education to develop the local product and produce new varieties. He indicated to the rationalization of imports by replacing them with local products of high specifications, making contacts with industrialists abroad to encourage them to return and restart their facilities.

The minister explained that many companies in the public sector returned to production such as companies of tractors, cables, basalt and automatic carpets, while many laboratories are still under processing and others need much of work and money for rehabilitation. He pointed out that the investment plan of the ministry amounted at 30 billion Syrian pounds.

The ministry provides all facilities for the re-operation of industrial zones and works on the establishment of huts and exhibitions of handicrafts, which includes 85 quality crafts, stressing the need to encourage vocational education, the Minister concluded.

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