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Syria, Iran Discuss Opening New Economic Cooperation Prospects

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria and Iran have discussed means of boosting economic cooperation and trade exchange.

Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Dr. Atef Naddaf and a delegation representing the Syrian-Iranian Joint Chamber of Commerce discussed during a meeting on Monday means of enhancing bilateral ties as well as opening new economic cooperation prospects.

Dr. Naddaf underscored the need to continue the contacts between the Syrian and Iranian  businessmen and members of  the joint Syrian-Iranian Chamber of Commerce in order to hold joint exhibitions and signing cooperation agreements which  guarantee the flow of goods and materials into the markets in both countries.

 The Minister made it clear that the ministry seeks providing necessary facilities to the Iranian companies working in Syria.

He affirmed the need to activate trade exchange as to face the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria and Iran, calling on members of the delegation to find agents for their companies in Syria with the aim of marketing their goods.

On his part , Head of the Iranian delegation, Mohammad Ali Daighami, said the visit of the delegation aims to develop economic relations and coordinate the commercial works between both countries.

Daighami expressed the Iranian side’s desire to participate in and support the industrial and economic reconstruction in Syria.

Deputy Head of the joint Iranian-Syrian Chamber of Commerce Fahd Darwish indicated that the delegation comprised representatives of a number of private and public Iranian companies which seek cooperating with the Syrian side in the industrial and economic fields to serve the benefit of the two countries.

Rawaa Ghanam