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Syrian, Iranian Industrial, Commercial and Economic Forum Opened

Tehran-The industrial, commercial and economic forum between Syria and Iran opened at the headquarters of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines in Tehran today.

The forum aims at enhancing the level of bilateral cooperation, increasing the volume of trade and productive exchanges, and taking advantage of the opportunities and potentials of both sides to achieve joint industrial and productive partnerships that are compatible with the challenges of the current stage under the economic embargo and unfair sanctions against the Syrian and Iranian peoples.

The forum also aims to overcome all obstacles to the joint cooperation process and push the level of economic, trade and production relations to the level of political relations between the two countries to reach the desired goals and achieve a quantum leap in the industrial, commercial and productive sectors. 

The meeting will be attended by a delegation of Syrian businessmen and traders chaired by Dr. Samer Al-Dbas, head of the Damascus Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry.

The opening ceremony was attended by Syrian Ambassador to Tehran, Dr. Adnan Mahmoud, Advisor of the first Vice- President of Iran, who is Secretary of the Committee for the Development of Economic Relations with Syria and Iraq Dania Farr, and Chairman of the Joint Iranian-Syrian Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Investors in Free Zones, Fahd Darwish, and Vice-President of the joint Iranian-Syrian Chamber of Commerce, in addition to industrial activities representing Syrian and Iranian businessmen and industrialists.

Sh. Kh.