Syria Participates in the 5th Yalta International Economic Conference

Yalta - The fifth international economic conference was opened in Yalta with the participation of 89 countries, including Syria.

Syria is represented by a delegation chaired by Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Dr. Mohammed Samer Al-Khalil and a number of businessmen.

During the opening, the President of the Crimea Sergei Axyonov delivered a speech in which he pointed to the results realized on the ground during the past five years, which showed the achievements in this period, indicating that the conference at its current session coincided with the fifth anniversary of the return of the Crimea to its home, Russia.

President of Yalta, Andrey Nazarov, spoke about the success of the conference year after year, whereas the number of conferees reached more than 4,500 participants representing 89 countries this year.

 For his part, During a special session the Minister Khalil reviewed means of strengthening cooperation between the Republic of Crimea and Russia and the Arab countries, the current Syrian economic situation and the damage inflicted on it at all levels as a result of the fierce terrorist war imposed on Syria, pointing to the necessary needs for reconstruction in Syria and the need to enhance economic relations with friendly countries.

He pointed out that economic arrangements must be made to address the unilateral coercive challenges and measures imposed on Syria, including all countries suffering from American coercive measures, stressing that international cooperation is an urgent necessity in the current circumstances.

 The Minister indicated to the economic relations Syria has established with the Republic of Crimea and the Republic of Abkhazia, stressing Syria's keenness to develop these relations and remove all the obstacles that hinder the development of these relations to the interest of Syria and these countries.

He also pointed to the positive results that took place on the sidelines of this conference, noting that there is a session on relations between Syria and the Crimea will be held today and another session related to the reconstruction of Syria."

For their part, participants in the meeting stressed that Syria should be the center of attention within this conference.

The first session of the Yalta conference was devoted to a multi-polar world, while another session was devoted to economic relations with Syria.

The conference, organized by the Crimean government and the Yalta Forum Fund and supported by the Russian government. The event will continue until the 20th of April, during which many economic and trade agreements will be signed between the participating parties.

Sh. Kh.