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Syria Elected Head of Arab Labor Delegation in Labor Conference in Cairo

CAIRO, (ST)- Syria has been elected for the second year in a row as head of the Arab labor delegation in the 46th Arab Labor Conference currently held in Cairo.

Chairman of The General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) in Syria Jamal al-Qaderi said in a statement to SANA correspondent in Cairo that choosing the Syrian delegation to lead the Arab labor delegation reflects the trust of all participants in the Syrian GFTU and its good leadership over the past year.

"We will call on the conference to recommend breaking the economic siege imposed on the Syrian economy and lifting the unilateral coercive economic measures that target the daily life of the Syrians," said al-Qaderi.

"We will also call for condemning foreign interference in the Syrian affairs, because it prolongs the war, particularly after the victories achieved by the Syrian army in the fight against terrorism," he added.

 The conference will focus on main axes relating to the future of labor, sustainable development, the blue economy and the use of technology in integrating people with special needs into the labor market, according to al-Qaderi.  

The event which was opened today will last till April 21st. It will discuss reports on workers activities with the purpose of unifying Arab stances and visions.

Hamda Mustafa