Deliberations of the Joint Syrian - Iraqi Ministerial Committee Concluded

Damascus - The ninth session of the Joint Syrian-Iraqi Ministerial Committee yesterday concluded its work by signing the minutes of the meetings which covered various sectors of economic, trade, investment, energy, health, tourism and other fields.

The Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Dr. Mohammad Samer Al-Khalil, the head of the Syrian side, stressed the importance of continued efforts exerted by the two sides to reopen the border crossings between the two countries to restore commercial activity and better flow of goods to the benefit of the two brotherly peoples.

He pointed out that the negative consequences of the terrorist war on Syria "hindered the possibility of economic integration desired, which is a target for both countries," noting that in the years before the war there were many documents of cooperation between the two countries and reached 44 documents, some of which is need to be activated.


He pointed out that holding the ninth session was an important opportunity to discuss all the problems that prevent the achievement of this integration and agree on the mechanisms necessary to overcome them in addition to signing the document, which will form in the coming period a framework for the two sides in several aspects.

For his part, Iraqi Trade Minister Mohammed al-Ani, head of the Iraqi side, stressed that the meeting of the ninth session was an opportunity to enhance the economic and trade relations between the two countries and to brief on the experiences of Syria in the economic field.

Mr. Al-Ani pointed out that there are various fields of cooperation between Iraq and Syria in relation to the establishment of projects and the establishment of international and specialized exhibitions, in addition to investment opportunities, stressing the importance of joint action to build economic interests in an integrated manner and develop trade balance and overcome obstacles.

After the signing of the minutes of the meeting, Mr. al -Khalil made a press statement in which he pointed out that the meeting comes at a time when the mutual will between the two governments has achieved and there is a serious work to "restore thinking" on a number of issues including economic integration, enhancing trade exchange, facilitating the flow of goods between the two countries and achieving more cooperation in various fields on the economic, trade, investment, banking, housing, water resources, tourism and cultural domains, which were the subject of discussion over two days with the aim of reaching a viable cooperation protocol that achieves a shift towards cooperation between the two countries.