Some 90 Local, Arab and Foreign Companies Take Part in the Exhibition and the International Conference "Syria Health 2019"

Damascus - With the participation of about 90 local, Arab and foreign companies specialized in medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry, the exhibition and the international conference "Syria Health 2019" organized by Expo Cham for International Exhibitions and Conferences took place on the grounds of fairs city in Damascus.

The exhibition, which runs until the 13th of April, aims at shedding light on the requirements of rehabilitating the health sector in Syria and encouraging investment in it.

The scientific conference focused on the work of the governmental hospitals in Syria during the terrorist war that Syria has experienced to and the consequences of unilateral coercive economic measures and the resulting medical deficiencies and their continued work despite all these difficulties and the health care system in Syria.

Al-Assad University Hospital will participate in the conference through delivering six lectures on liver diseases and surgery, the reality of liver transplantation in Syria and future prospects, in addition to a scientific day to talk about the medical, scientific and professional reality in the hospital.


In a statement to reporters, Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Ahmad Khlaifawi said that the establishment of such exhibitions will contribute to the embodiment and dedication of the state of recovery that Syria witnesses in the health sector and the emphasis on continuing to provide high quality medical services.

He pointed out that the sector of pharmaceutical industries and medical supplies is witnessing scientific development on a permanent basis. The exhibition is an important opportunity for interested investors and companies to learn about everything that is new in these areas and transfer them to hospitals and clinics.

"For his part, Director General of the Expo Sham Motamidi clarified that the aim of the exhibition is to review the mechanisms of re-launching the pharmaceutical "industry and rehabilitation of the health sector, especially in the reconstruction phase." We, he added, are working to attract participating companies from different countries to Syria and invest in the medical sector being as one of the important sectors.

He pointed out that the participating companies represent a number of countries including Iraq, Jordan, UAE, Egypt and Iran, as well as agents of a number of foreign companies and Syrian government and private companies.

In a similar statement, the Iranian ambassador in Damascus Jawad Turk Abadi said that the specialized exhibitions constitute an important area for the development of work in the health sector and to introduce the Syrian market to the products existing in the world in this sector, especially with the qualitative presence of the participating companies, stressing the importance of the participation of Iranian companies to deepen ad develop relations with Syria in various fields.

The Syrian Pharmacists Syndicate will participate in the scientific conference through the scientific day of medicine, which will be held on Friday. It will include scientific sessions in which specialized lectures will be given on pharmacological safety, continuous pharmaceutical education, and on diagnosis and treatment of a number of diseases.

The representatives of a number of companies stressed the importance of participating in the exhibition in terms of the definition of therapeutic pharmaceutical products and medical equipment and supplies.

Director of the Scientific Office of the Arab Medical Company "Tamiko", Dr. Arwa Arafa, pointed to the role of specialized exhibitions in the definition of the Syrian pharmaceutical product and its quality and the possibility of marketing it abroad, especially with the return of Pharmaceutical Industries for production.

Dr. Rafiq Salloum, representative of the Iranian company "3B", which is concerned with the production of medical supplies for the treatment of fractures and bone trauma, pointed out that the company aspires to have a presence in the Syrian market, while Louay Mubarak, representative of the Emirati  company, "Ebren" to equip ambulances to the show exhibitions to find a market for the distribution of medical service products.


Sh. Kh.