Some Companies Take Part in the 2019 Plastex Exhibition

Damascus - Syrian International Plastic Exhibition "Plastex 2019" was opened on Tuesday at the grounds of the exhibitions city, with the participation of dozens of Syrian companies and companies from seven Arab and foreign countries.

The four-day  exhibition, organized by the International Mashhadani Group for Exhibitions and Fairs, constitutes  a platform for plastic manufacturers to showcase their products and services, including a wide range of finished products, raw materials for the plastics industry, chemicals, industrial machinery, auxiliary industrial equipment, thermal and hydraulic control systems and production lines.

Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Samer Al-Khalil said that the exhibition is a good place to meet businessmen and companies in order to reach the best results at the level of each sector, pointing to the return of many companies that were parked during the crisis to contribute to reconstruction, especially with the right environment for investment in various sectors.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Industry of Damascus, Akram Hallaq explained the urgent need for these specialized exhibitions, which show the development of all industries that match foreign products and attract the consumer.

 The Excutive Manager of Al -Ittihad Plastic Company, Mr. Mohammed Bakr, said that there will be a close start to many industrial companies and expansion of their work in conjunction with the rest of the economic activities, which requires a wider investment in this field.

The exhibition is the first of its kind in this specialization with external participations from Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, UAE, China and others. It aims to shed light on the companies operating in this field in Syria and neighboring countries and to benefit through the exchange of experiences and contracts that contributes to meeting the needs of the reconstruction process in Syria.


Sh. Kh.