Syria is an Honorary Member of Yalta Forum

Moscow- The co-chair of the Organizing Committee of the Fifth International Economic Yalta Forum, Andrei Nazarov, announced that Syria will participate this year as an honorary member of the Forum.

During the Forum Program Committee meeting in Moscow, Mr. Nazarov, who is also co-chair of the Russian business forum "Delovaya Russia", said that "the number of foreign delegations at this year's forum will rise from 70 to 100 delegation, expecting that the forum will see considerable and competitive discussion.

In April last year, Syria and the Russian Republic of Crimea signed a cooperation agreement and memorandum of intent on cooperation between Syrian and Russian businessmen during the fourth Yalta Economic Forum.

For his part, the Permanent Representative of the Crimea to the Russian presidency, Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean Republic, Georgi Mradov said that Syria will participate with a government delegation and said that "the Crimea represents the Russian region closest to the sea to Syria so we count on that other Russian regions and our foreign partners will work through the Crimea to cooperate with Syria.

The Yalta International Economic Forum will be held this year at Maraya Resort in the southern part of the Crimea on April 17 under the theme "Crimea ... Russia ... the world ... a new international reality" on the fifth anniversary of the return of the Crimea to the motherland, Russia. It is expected that more than 3,000 participants from Russia and abroad to attended the forum.

Sh. Kh.