Cabinet Discusses the Reality of Industry Sector

Damascus- The Cabinet discussed on Sunday means of developing and ensuring the requirements of the Industry Ministry and demanded the Ministry to benefit from the outputs of the industrial research centers to modernize the production lines, improve the product quality to be competitive locally and externally, and link the future outlook for the development of the industry and the plan for the development of cities and industrial zones.

The Cabinet stressed in its meeting, chaired by Eng. Emad Khamis, the importance of following up the completion of the comprehensive service and development plan for the Aleppo Governorate in all economic, tourism and urban aspects, which cost about 85 billion SP.

The Minister of Water Resources, Hussein Arnous, reviewed the percentage of completion of projects, indicating that 46, 000 hectares have been replanted, the opening of dozens of health centers and schools while the completion of the rehabilitation of the feed mill and grain plant in the village of Tal Balat is going on and the number of operating establishments reached to 15493 medium and small establishments.

For his part, the Minister of Industry Eng. Mohamed Maan Zine El Abidine drew attention to the existence of a vision for the development of the Syrian industrial product to achieve added value, pointing to the ministry's endeavor to upgrade the local product to satisfy the requirements of the local market and the foreign market through the preparation of studies and scientific research for the development of the industrial sector.


Sh. Kh.