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Syrian Businessmen Visit Iran to Promote Economic Relations

Tehran-Iranian Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Reza Rahmani underlined the need to strengthen and expand trade relations between Syria and Iran.

During his reception to a delegation representing Syrian businessmen chaired by Abdel Nasser Fattouh, vice president of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce, in the presence of Dr. Adnan Mahmoud, the Syrian ambassador to Tehran, Rahmani pointed out that the strengthening of trade and economic relations between the two countries enjoys the support of Iranian officials.

"The needs and the potentials of the two countries must be accomplished in an accurate and long-term a strategic plan, "noting the importance of the private sector in bilateral relations between the two countries.

Mr. Rahmani pointed to the construction and engineering projects of Iranian companies in Syria, stressing that there will be an increase in the volume of trade between Iran, Syria and Iraq through the provision of transport infrastructure between these countries.

For his part, Mr. Fattouh said that the meeting aims to promote serious work towards wider and larger areas of all the previously signed 12 agreements, stressing the need to push forward the joint economic, trade and investment cooperation process and build long-term strategic cooperation.

He called for working to improve the level of economic, trade and investment relations between Syria and Iran to the level of distinguished political relations and work to overcome the unjust coercive unilateral measures imposed on the peoples of the two countries.

For his part, Mr. Mahmoud confirmed the need to provide more facilities to increase trade cooperation between the two countries and said: "Iran has priority in reconstruction and economic participation."

He explained that "The meeting marks the beginning of a new phase of economic relations between the two countries and reiterates  the firm determination in Syria to strengthen strategic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, stressing that the meeting should produce concrete results and create the necessary conditions for further linking the private sector in both countries.

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