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Syrian-Iranian Talks to Enhance Industrial and Commercial Cooperation

Tehran- A delegation of Syrian businessmen discussed on Monday with Iran's Cooperation Chamber and Iranian economists ways to develop and enhance cooperation between the two sides in the industrial and commercial fields.

The two sides also discussed ways of finding mechanisms to remove obstacles to investors from both sides in addition to indetifying the capabilities and potentials of Iranian companies to the Syrian investor.

During a meeting with businessmen from both sides, member of the Presidency of the Iranian Cooperation Chambr, Maashaullah Azimi confirmed the depth of the Syrian-Iranian relations over four decades. Mr. Azimi declared the readiness of the cooperation sector in Iran to contribute to the reconstruction of the infrastructure in Syria.

 The reconstruction process will contribute to the revitalization of the Syrian economy and the provision of large employment opportunities, noting that Syria can benefit from the opportunities and great energies available in Iran, especially in the construction sector, Mr. Azimi clarified.

The Syrian delegation, chaired by Abdel Nasser Fattouh, head of Homs Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of the Federation of Syrian Chambers, includes 24 businessmen working in the fields of metals, food, plastics, automobiles, spare parts, tires, detergents and construction industries.

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