Syrian-Iranian Business Forum Focuses on Ways to Carry out Joint Projects

The Syrian-Iranian Business Forum, held on Monday in Damascus, focused on mechanisms and ways to carry out joint projects and to participate in the process of reconstruction in Syria. 

Tens of businesmen from Syria and Iran took part in the forum.

Iran's Ambassador to Syria Javad Turk Abadi said during the opening ceremony that several memorandums of understanding on cooperation are being studied by concerned parties from both sides in order to be signed and to find the legal base for joint action.

 He noted the Iranian companies' eagerness to establish projects for heavy industries in Syria. He also expressed his country's readiness to provide necessary expertise in reorganizing the  random housing areas which were exposed to destruction.

Director of the Syrian Investment Agency Midyan Deyab, on his part, talked about the available investment opportunities in Syria and the facilitations provided by the Syrian government to investors. He referred to continuous work as to prepare a modern investment law that embodies the aspirations of investors.

Rania Ahmad, Assistant Minister of economy for economic Development and International Economic Relations, affirmed the importance of reaching a stage in which the two countries exchange goods without conditions or restrictions.

The number of products which are exempted from custom duties from both sides has reached 88, according to the assistant minister.

Participants in the forum talked about the need to find a mechanism for money transfer between the two countries, to provide facilitations, to ensure alternative ways to deliver goods and to hold marketing exhibitions in both countries.


Hamda Mustafa