Businessmen sign dozens of cooperation agreements between their companies

Damascus, (ST)- The meeting of the Syrian Business Roundtable held recently at the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus resulted in reaching dozens of understandings and agreements and exploring investment and partnership opportunities through networking between different business sectors.

Orfali Group for Consultations and Training, which organized the meeting, explained that for the first time in Syria, such a meeting was held, that included roundtable meetings. More than 60 businessmen and businesspersons succeeded in networking between their companies by exploring opportunities for cooperation and integration to establish understandings and deals that enhance the strength and effectiveness of the local business environment.

The Group explained that these understandings were made in conjunction with a ceremony honoring the businessmen and businesspersons 2018, which was held in a remarkable presence of the official authorities and the business sector in an initiative, the first of its kind, brought together a large number of businessmen who were able to maintain their facilities and work during the crisis and continue in despite their exceptional circumstances.

 During the meeting he General Director of the Group, Abdel Wahhab Orfali, said that the launch of a Syrian business center, to be based in Damascus, to serve as a platform for local businessmen and businesspersons to provide relevant services to Syrian, Arab and foreign companies wishing to work in Syria during the reconstruction phase.

The ceremony was held in cooperation with some official bodies and federations of chambers of commerce, industry and agriculture. The participants were given commemorative shields in appreciation of their role during the crisis in supporting stability of the markets by providing goods and services and enhancing the strength of the national economy.

Sh. Kh.