Technical Meetings of the Syrian-Iranian High Joint Committee Started

Damascus-The preparatory technical meetings of the Syrian-Iranian High Joint Commission began on Saturday its 14th session at the Damascus Dama Hotel in Damascus.

At the start of the meetings, Iranian Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Construction Amir Amini said that holding the meetings today is a proof of the strong will of the two friendly countries to cooperate and deepen the various aspects of the strategic relations. He expressed his hope to reach achievements and agreements that serve the interests of the two peoples.

Mr. Amini pointed out that the countries that imposed the war on Syria for about seven years now realized the strength of the Syrian people and began to try to restore economic relations with Syria, stressing his country's readiness to contribute to the stage of reconstruction and construction in Syria.

In a speech, the Assistant to the Head of the International Planning and Cooperation Commission, Thuraya Idlebi, confirmed that Syria is looking forward to strong economic ties with Iran that will positively reflect on the two friendly peoples and keep up with the distinct political relations between the two countries, pointing out that cooperation between the two sides resulted in the signing of the joint economic cooperation agreement in 2015, and signing dealsهى in the field of agriculture, oil and telecommunications, along with Iran's first and second credit lines.

Mrs. Idlebi pointed out that the end of last year witnessed a long-term strategic economic cooperation agreement and its annex during meetings held in the Iranian capital, expressing the hope to reach projects and agreements that serve the common interest.

The preparatory technical meetings aim to prepare a memorandum of understanding for the Joint High Committee and a number of documents to achieve the interests of the two countries through projects and agreements in various sectors.

The three-day meetings of the committee include technical discussions followed by meetings of the ministerial committee chaired by Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Mohammad Samer Al-Khalil, Minister of Roads and Building of Iranian Cities Mohammad Islami.

The meeting was attended by Syrian Ambassador to Iran Dr. Adnan Mahmoud, a number of Iranian Ministers and Directors, Iranian Ambassador to Damascus Javad Turk Abadi and a number of Iranian Ministers and Directors.

Sh. Kh.