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Zeitoun City Project Presented at an Economic Conference in Damascus

Damascus- The Syria Mother Assembly (SMA), in cooperation with the Syrian Investment Authority and the General Authority for Real Estate Development and Investment, recently held its second economic conference at the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus under the title "Integrated Social and Economic Construction''."

The conference included documentary presentations about the 15 km city between the Damascus countryside and Homs.

The lectures focused on the role of water resources in urban development, housing units and public utilities, the concept of modern management and its methods, lectures on community health and knowledge building, the role of international relations in investment promotion and renewable energies in reconstruction.

The head of the SMA, Dr. Mahmoud al-Arq, pointed out the importance of the city's project, which is the first of its kind in the region in the context of the reconstruction process and its cost, pointing out that a group of companies have indicated their readiness to implement the project.

During meetings with SANA representative, Director General of the Syrian Investment Authority, Medyan Diab explained that the integrated city project is an important initiative of the Syria Mother Assembly that emphasizes the importance of optimal utilization of resources, efficient management, efficiency and support of the wheel of production.

Head of the Scientific Committee at the Syria Mother Assembly, Dr. Ghada Dheim, explained that the city will be self-sufficient and of a typical design and will be built in the interior area near the Badia, unlike the projects that are held in the residential areas, thus contributing to the investment of vacant spaces and encouraging the establishment of more such projects. These areas will solve the housing problem and create productive projects.

General Manager of Al-Inmaa and Construction Company, Eng. Basheer Al-Abdullah, said that the project contributes to finding a number of solutions to the population issue, creating job opportunities and reducing pollution due to reliance on renewable energy sources.

Member of the Assembly, Dr. Ibrahim Said, noted that the project will contribute to the definition of the potential of Syria and its resources in urban expansion and the establishment of foundations and structures that contribute to solving the problem of major cities in terms of reducing population pressure by establishing neighboring cities depend on sustainable local resources.


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