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The Cabinet to Implement the Industrial Development Plan

Damascus- The recommendations of the 3rd Industrial Conference held in Aleppo on 5-11-2018 under the title of "Our Industry Our Strength" dominated the discussions of the Cabinet, which revealed the compatibility of these recommendations to a large proportion with the direction of the government and its plan which has been implemented since its inception with the aim of promoting the national industry.

Chaired by Premier Eng. Imad Khamis, the Cabinet adopted in its weekly session, the recommendations of the conference which, together with the government plan, constitute the basic pillars for the re-establishment of the industrial sector in all its engineering, food, textile and chemical fields to play its main role as a true lever for the national economy and to ensure its requirements of services, raw materials, facilities, Exemptions, loans, marketing and exhibitions locally and externally  

                                                                   The Cabinet decided to continue the implementation of the plan for the advancement of the national industry and the implementation of the recommendations within the terms of reference of each ministry to be a key supporter of the government's plan to activate the production process and ensure the requirements of its success and re-take off the facilities and factories destroyed and enable the industrial sector to regain its contribution to GDP, build a competitive industry and the promotion of partnership between the public and private sectors and the continuation of the rehabilitation of cities and industrial zones, support the textile industry and the passage of the investment law.

For his part, Minister of Industry Eng. Mohamed Ma'in Zein El Abidine said that the government's directions came in line with the recommendations of the third industrial conference, considering that the industry is a lever for the national economy and all ministries implement these recommendations in accordance with the regulatory legislations.

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