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Syria, Crimea to Establish a Shipping Company

Simferopol- Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean Republic, Georgi Mradov, announced on Friday that a shipping company has been established to link the Crimea Republic to Syria and will start its work soon.

"The company was established and a number of technical issues remained, including the presentation of our colleagues from Syria, who will participate in the management of the new company, identifying the fleet and the work systems," he was quoted as saying by the Sputnik agency.

"After that the first shipment will be sent to Syria, explaining that the company will start work in the first months of this year," he added.

President of the Crimea Republic, Sergei Akcionov, announced in last December that the process of establishing the shipping company "Crimea ... Syria" has reached its final stage and predicted that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries to reach one million tons per year.

During his visit to Syria in October, Akcionov discussed the steps and agreements that will form the basis for economic relations between the two countries. It was agreed to establish a "Syrian commercial house in Crimea" and a joint shipping company for maritime transport and facilitate financial and banking procedures. The discussions also included the possibility of establishing partnerships in the field of tourism and training tourism, culture, oil, agriculture, construction, construction of metal factories, mining tools and possible facilities for Syrian traders and industrialists in the Crimea.


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