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Syria, Crimea Establish Joint Shipping Company

SIMFEROPOL, (ST)- Crimea's Deputy Prime Minister Georgy Muradov has announced that a Syrian-Crimean shipping company has been established and it will start work soon.

Sputnik news agency quoted Muradov as saying recently that "the comapny has practically been created and only some remaining technical issues need to be solved, including introducing our Syrian colleagues who will be our partners in managing the new company, as well as specifying the fleet and identifying the work systems."

"After that, the first shipment will be sent to Syria," he added, pointing out that the company will start work in the early months of this year.

 Last month, Presdient of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov announced that the process of establishing the "Crimea- Syria" shipment company was in its final stage and he expected that trade exchange between the two countries will reach a million tonnes annualy.

During his visit to Syria in October, 2018, President Aksyonov discussed with Syrian officials the agreements that will form the base for economic relations between the two countries. During the visit, Syria and Crimea agreed to establish a joint trading house in crimea as well as a joint shipping company. The two sides also talked on establishing partnerships in the fields of tourism, hotels, culture, oil, agriculture and construction.

Hamda Mustafa