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Syria Iraq to Develop Transport Cooperation

Baghdad- Iraqi Transport Minister Eng. Abdullah Luaibi discussed here on Tuesday with Syrian Ambassador to Iraq Sattam Jadan Al-Dandah ways to enhance and develop commercial cooperation in the fields of land and air transport between the two brotherly countries.

The two sides pointed to the importance of opening border crossings between the Syrian region of Bou Kamal and the Iraqi region of al -Qa'im to facilitate the movement of transport and trade exchange between the two countries.

"We discussed with Ambassador, Al-Dandah, the return of Iraqi air transport through Iraqi airways to Syrian airports and the strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries to develop the reality of transport and to develop investment plans in various fields," Eng. Luaibi said in a statement.

 In a statement to the SANA correspondent in Baghdad, Mr. al-Dandah said that the opening of the border crossings before land transport to people and goods will realize important positive results in upgrading the levels of trade exchange between the two brotherly countries. He hoped that the coming months will witness unprecedented levels of Syrian-Iraqi cooperation at all levels.

On the other hand, the Iraqi Minister of Trade, Mohammed Hashim Al-Ani, discussed on Tuesday with Mr.  Al-Dandh the prospects of strengthening and developing mechanisms of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

Sh. Kh