Work Resumed in Some 800 Industrial Facilities in Damascus and Its Countryside

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Chairman of the Chamber of Industry of Damascus and Damascus Countryside Samer al-Dibs has announced that some 800 industrial facilities in Zablatani and Tel Kurdi areas have returned to work after years of stopping because of terrorism.

These facilities are added to many small vocational facilities which were reopened in al-Sbeineh and al-Qadam areas in Damascus Countryside.   

In a statement on Tuesday, al-Dibs said the return of these facilities to work came as a fruit of cooperation between all parties in rehabilitating the areas which were liberated by the Syrian Arab army from terrorism and providing all necessary services. He pointed out that  the industry chamber continuously contacts with industrialists in order to know their problems and meet their needs as to rehabilitate their facilities.

 He noted the challenges facing the chamber in terms of achieving industrial development in several areas in Damascus and its countryside and in terms of promoting and marketing industrial products through participating in festivals and exhibitions held in Syria and abroad.

Al-Dibs made it clear that the current situation of the industrial sector is better than before a year ago as more areas are liberated and industrial facilities return to work. The reopening of the Nassib border crossing  for exports movement also contributed to the improvement of the situation.

He pointed out that industrialists hope that they will increase exports through opening the border crossings at the borders with Iraq.

Hamda Mustafa