People’s Assembly Approves Bill on State General Budget for 2019

DAMASCUS- The People’s Assembly approved on Monday the bill on the state’s general budget for the 2019 fiscal year during a session chaired by Speaker Hammoudeh Sabbagh.

The budget has been set at SYP 3882 billion, according to SANA.

According to the bill, SYP 2782 billion will be allocated for running expenditures and 1110 billion for investment expenditures.

 Finance Minister Maamoun Hamdan told journalists that SYP 443 billion have been allocated for the reserve funds in the 2019 state general budget, which have go towards establishing investment projects in the areas which the Syrian Arab Army has secured.

The budget bill also provides for allocating  SYP 811 billion to support the agricultural production support fund and national social subsidies fund, oil derivatives, and flour, Hamdan added.