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A Permanent Home for Syrian Handicrafts in Abkhazia Soon

Sukhumi, Abkhazia- The delegation of the General Federation of Syrian Craft Associations agreed with the Chamber of Industry and Trade of Abkhazia to establish a permanent house for Syrian products of 100 square meters in Abkhazia to be an outlet for the export of handicrafts to the countries of the Russian Federation and Europe as Abkhazia as an important destination for European tourists.

This came at the conclusion of the activities of the Abkhaz tourism forum, whereas the Union of Artisans took part in a special exhibition of Syrian handicrafts held at the Inter Sukhumi Hotel in the Abkhaz capital.

The Syrian participation in the exhibition, which covers an area of 150 square meters, included 33 handicraft items, including copper and brass handicrafts, table cloths, soap, wooden boxes, food, citrus, shampoo, dyes, clothes and shoes.

"The exhibition was an important window for the marketing and sale of Syrian handicrafts, not only in Abkhazia, but also in all the countries of the Russian Federation, such as the Ministry of Culture and Information, especially as the Republic of Abkhazia is a destination for European tourists", the Cultural and information Director of the Elders of Central Craftsmen Council Adnan Tanbakji said in statement to    SANA.

In a speech at the opening of the exhibition on Tuesday, the head of the General Federation of Craftsmen Naji Al-Hodwa emphasized the importance of strengthening the Syrian-Abkhazian relations in various fields. He said that this exhibition constitutes a form of cooperation in the definition of the Abkhaz people on what Syrian craftsmen produce.


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