Syria Participates in Exhibition of Information and Communication Technology in Tehran

Tehran- The International Exhibition of Media and Communications Technology (ICT), with the participation of Syria, was opened here on Tuesday at the International Conference Room of the Iranian Radio and Television.

The exhibition, in which lighting, sound and jamming devices were displayed, covered all aspects of ICT and the techniques and systems used to address the content and digital content of radio and television.

The Iranian Radio and Television Corporation has been trying for years to reach the stage of self-sufficiency in the field of radio and television technical equipment with the assistance of a large number of public and private companies in these fields. It has achieved self-sufficiency in many equipment so far with the expertise of Iranian technicians.

It is noteworthy that Syria participated in the exhibition with a delegation representing the Director General of the General Authority for Radio and Television Nayef Al -Obeidat and a number of engineers.


Sh. Kh.