Deir Atiya 1 Gas Well Put into Service

 Homs-The Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources on Friday put the Deir Atiya 1 well gas into service with a production capacity estimated at 150.000 cubic meters of gas daily after being rehabilitated and repaired again.

 The Deir Atiyyah 1 well is part of the investment project of fields north of Damascus with a depth of 3741 meters deep, which has been drilled since 2009 and closed during the crisis in Syria.

  Assistant Director of the fields of the Central Region for Petroleum Affairs, Eng. Maurice Hanoun, said in a statement to SANA that the well is currently undergoing production tests and it is the first well within the field of Deir Atiya gas, pointing out that the reserve capacity of production of about 4 billion cubic meters of gas is currently working to link with the fields of Qara and al-Bureij, which form the fields of north Damascus.

 Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, Eng. Ali Ghanem, who launched the work in Deir Atiyyah 1, continued to inspect the reality of work in the gas plants south of the central region and reviewed the progress of work at Al Rayyan station and the works that have been completed. He also inspected the maintenance works in gas plants south of the central region and Ebla area.

 In a statement to reporters, the Minister of Oil pointed to the importance of putting Deir Atiyyah 1 well into service and linking it with Deir Atiya field, pointing to the savings achieved by the ministry from using smart card and automation of the movement of oil derivatives.