Syria Participates in the Meetings of the Arab-Italian Chamber

Rome-Damascus Chamber of Commerce took part in the meetings of the Board of Directors and General Assembly of the Arab-Italian Chamber and the Forum of Economic Cooperation between the Arab States and Italy in Rome.

 In his speech before the meeting of the Chamber representing the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce, the chairman of Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce Waseem Qattan stressed the need to develop cooperation between the Arab Chamber of Italy and the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce and raise the volume of trade exchange and expand the economic relations between Syria and Italy.

  Mr. Qattan confirmed the aspiration of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce to play an important role in the development of trade relations between Syria and other countries, pointing out the importance of cooperation with the Arab-Italian Chamber, especially that Syria is currently witnessing significant economic and investment activity at all levels.

 He pointed out that the Syrian products are characterized by competitive price, diversity and quality despite all the circumstances that faced the country, indicating that there is a real opportunity to build a distinguished cooperation base between Syria and Italy on the one hand and between Syria and the Arab countries on the other hand.

 In a statement to SANA, Mr. Qattan underlined that he held talks with a number of heads of Arab and Italian Chambers of Commerce focused on the prospects of economic and trade cooperation between Syria and their countries in light of the Syrian economic movement and the growth of production and the potential of the Syrian economy to export according to international standards.

 Sh. Kh.