Syria, Iran Discuss Cooperation to Restore Aleppo's Thermal Power Station

Tehran- The Minister of Electricity, Eng. Mohamed Zuhair Kharboutli and the Advisor to the First Vice-President of the Iranian, who is President of the Committee for the Development of Syrian-Iranian Economic Relations, Hassan Dannaii, discussed in Tehran ways and mechanisms to strengthen strategic cooperation in the field of electricity.

The two sides stressed the joint determination to take advantage of existing and available opportunities and build a full partnership between Syrian and Iranian companies with the participation of the public and private sectors and take practical steps to achieve a qualitative step in the field of electricity.

Mr. Kharboutli pointed out the importance of Aleppo thermal power station and its maintenance and rehabilitation as Aleppo is an important industrial city and said: "We are working hard to return the station to the service with a capacity of 1065 MW."

Mr. Kharboutli also affirmed the importance of cooperation between the company “EPRC” and the Ministry of Electricity pointing out that the expertise available in this company will be used to supply the electricity sector in Syria and it was agreed to hold bilateral meetings between experts from both sides to study what the Syrian electrical sector needs.

He asked the management of the company “EPRC" which works in the field of construction, reconstruction, repair, installation and design to accelerate presenting its technical and financial offer for the Aleppo thermal power station as a maximum within 60 days of its date.

For his part, Mr. Dannaii said that the Iranian companies are ready to cooperate with the Syrian side in the field of electricity sector in Syria, pointing out that the visit of the Minister of Electricity is very important at the moment and will be translated in practice through the agreements signed and through the sincere desire of both sides to work to support the electricity sector in Syria.

In a statement following the talks between Minister Kharboutli, the meeting with the Iranian side dealt with projects related to the Syrian electrical system and the focus was on the return of the Aleppo thermal generating station to the service.

Mr. Dannaii said in a similar statement that the meeting with the Minister of Electricity was important and fruitful, during which he talked about the transfer of technology and expertise to the Syrian side, pointing to the importance of electrical connection between Syria, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon due to the importance of service and economy of the region and its peoples.


Sh. Kh.