Electricity Cooperation with Iran to Establish a Power Plant in Lattakia

 Tehran- The Minister of Electricity Mohamed Zuhair Kharboutli announced on his arrival in Tehran on Saturday that he will discuss with Iranian officials the implementation of strategic cooperation projects in the field of electricity between Syria and Iran, including a contract with the Iranian company Mabna to establish a power plant in Lattakia.

 The minister said in a statement to the SANA correspondent in Tehran: "The project of the gene

rating plant in Lattakia is important and strategic for the electrical system in Syria in general and especially for the Coastal area." He pointed to the increasing demand for energy and that the Banias power plant feeds the region with 60 percent of energy demand.

 He explained that this plant will be implemented with a capacity of 540 MW and the value of about 213 billion Syrian pounds, indicating that the project will be implemented inthree years.

 The minister pointed out that the company Mabna previously visited the site of the project, which is up to 400 acres, pointing out that the project of the power station is keeping pace with the growing demand for electricity in the coming years.

 Mr. Kharboutli, during his visit to Tehran, said that several projects will be discussed, the most important of which is the Aleppo thermal power plant and the implementation of the maintenance project at the Jandar generation plant.

 Sh. Kh.