Syria, Lebanon Discuss increasing exchange of goods and products

Damascus- The Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Dr. Abdullah al-Gharbi discussed here on Wednesday with Lebanese Minister of Agriculture, Ghazi Zu'aiter, ways to strengthen and develop economic cooperation relations and increase the exchange of goods and products between Syria and Lebanon according to the brotherhood cooperation and coordination treaty signed between    the two countries.

 The two sides stressed the importance of cooperation between the two countries in covering the needs of local markets in both countries and activating the movement of importing and exporting their goods, agricultural and industrial products to the neighboring markets.

 In statements to reporters after the meeting, the Lebanese Minister of Agriculture confirmed that the development of bilateral relations between the two countries is a joint responsibility and we will work hard on achieving them. "The relationship between Syria and Lebanon is fraternal and historical, and what is happening in Syria is reflected directly on Lebanon at different levels and trends,” he said.

 The minister pointed out that Syria is keen to activate and develop any economic, commercial and industrial activity that serves the interests and requirements of the peoples of the two countries, and what has been discussed reflects the common desire to increase and expand the trade exchange between the two countries.

 He underlined the importance of joint work to facilitate the flow of agricultural products and agricultural production requirements in both directions according to agricultural calendar which reflects positively on farmers in both countries.

 For his part, Mr. Khoury said in a similar statement that the talks are part of the continuous efforts to activate cooperation between Syria and Lebanon on the basis of the brotherhood treaties, cooperation and coordination signed between the two countries to find ways to implement the agreements related to the work of the two ministries and invest the chances of success of Damascus International Fair in activating economic and trade relations.

 The meeting was attended by Minister of Interior Trade and Consumer Protection Jamal Al-Din Shuaib, Director of Syrian Trade, Ammar Mohammed, members of the Lebanese delegation, a number of Lebanese economic and agricultural professionals and officials, and the General Secretariat of the Syrian-Lebanese Higher Council.


Sh. Kh.