The General Establishment of Exhibitions Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Markets

Damascus - The General Establishment for International Exhibitions and Fairs signed here a memorandum of understanding with the Sudanese Company for Free Zones during the 60th Damascus International Fair.

The MoU aims to activate trade and economic relations between the two sides and to continue cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, especially with regard to participation in international trade fairs held by both parties in addition to national products exhibitions in both countries.

In a statement to reporters, Mr. Fares Kortalli, Director of the General Organization for International Exhibitions, said that according to the memorandum of understanding, the exchange of expertise in the field of public and specialized exhibitions is underway, pointing out that Sudan is an important market for Syrian trade.

The Syrian-Sudanese relationship is very old and Syria participated in the Khartoum International Fair in last January and is preparing to participate more widely in its next session.

In a similar statement, the Director of the General Administration of Exhibitions, Conferences and Tourism of the Sudan Company for Free Zones and Duty Frees in Sudan, Omar Ibrahim Omar Al-Haj, pointed out the importance of signing the memorandum of understanding in terms of framing the work in the field of participation in exhibitions and activating the agricultural exports which are famous for Sudan and increasing trade exchange which did not stop despite the crisis in Syria as well as expanding the scope of training and rehabilitation between the two sides.

Mr. Omar Al-Haj noted the importance of Sudan's participation in the Damascus international Fair, which is characterized this year by increasing international participation, good organization and the large number of visitors, adding that raising the flags of 48 countries in the Fair yard carries a message to the whole world.


Sh. Kh.