Czech Companies to Resume Trade Relations with Syria

Prague - Spokesman of the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic, Miroslav Deru, expressed the Chamber's desire to resume intensive contacts and traditions that were existed in trade relations between Syria and the Czech Republic.

Mr. Deru said in a statement to the Czech Press Agency that the Economic Chamber, as well as the Czech companies, have a great desire to resume trade relations and carry out projects between the two countries, indicating that the Chamber is currently preparing for a visit by the Czech businessmen to Syria.

He underlined that Syria was one of the closest allies of Czechoslovakia in the Middle East and that its name today has a good reputation, pointing out that the Czech companies can contribute to the reconstruction of Syria, especially in the railways, infrastructure of roads, airports, agricultural machinery, construction of production lines in the field of products Milk, water filters and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

It is noteworthy that 19 Czech companies are now participating in the Damascus International Fair, which is twice the number that participated in last year's session.


Sh. Kh.