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Belarusian and Czech Companies Hope to Sign Several Contracts During Damascus International Fair

 Damascus-Participants in the Belarusian and Czech pavilions at the Damascus International Fair focused on the importance of enhancing cooperation with Syria in various fields, represented by chambers of industry and trade.

 Belarusian Slava Shepchuk said in a statement that her country has expanded its participation in the Fair this year, expressing hope that the Belarusian companies can sign a number of contracts with Syria.

 Mrs. Shepchuk said that 10 Belarusian companies are participating in the Fair and are working in various sectors such as manufacturing machinery, foodstuff and medicines.

 For his part, Dr. Mahmoud Kosa, the authorized agent of the Belarusian company Belmeet, explained that this participation is the second in the Damascus International Fair, considering that the company entered the Syrian market with a force exceeding all the sanctions imposed on importing foreign medicines to Syria with 35 different kinds of medicines including "cancer drugs, immunosuppressants, sclerosis and drugs used in hospitals for infections that are resistant to antibiotics", which contributed to the decline in the prices of European medicines in the Syrian market.

 He added that participation in the Damascus International Fair in its current session is an important step towards strengthening the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries. The exhibition also contributes to introducing more foreign companies and their products to the local consumer.

 The head of the Czech pavilion, Dr. Ghaith Fandi, praised the organization of the fair and the facilities offered, pointing out that some Czech companies are seeking to return strongly to Syria, especially companies working in the field of irrigation and dams.

 Mr. Fandi pointed out that the Czech companies in the pavilion are working in the fields of water refining, development of production lines and recycling waste of destroyed buildings and in complementary sectors of the oil and gas sector such as valves and others. The Prague University of Life Sciences is also looking forward to establish a program to rehabilitate and train a number of Syrian students on specializations relating to reconstruction in Syria.

 Mr. Radwan Al-Khair, representative of Aqua Marin, a Czech company working in water refining, expressed his hope that the company would be able to market its products inside Syria, indicating that the water filtration systems produced by the company can serve the residential buildings and can serve about 5000 people and make the water suitable for daily use according to Syrian specifications.


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