An invitation to Indian Companies to Participate in the DIF

New Delhi- Syrian Ambassador to India Dr. Riyad Abbas called on Indian companies, businessmen and media professionals to participate in the 60th session of the Damascus International Fair (DIF) and to benefit from investment opportunities in Syria, pointing out the importance of India's participation and contribution to the reconstruction process.

During a press conference at the Syrian embassy in New Delhi, in the presence of a large number of Indian media and representatives of Indian industrial,

commercial and tourist companies, Dr. Abbas said  that the general atmosphere in Syria this year is appropriate after the return of stability, security and safety to Damascus and its surroundings and various Syrian regions, whereas some 50 Arab and foreign countries will participate in this session, stressing the readiness of the Syrian government through its embassies abroad and the organizer of the DIF to provide all facilities and incentives for companies wishing to participate.

The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the request of Ambassador Abbas, organized a meeting in the ministry, which brought together the Ambassador with the Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Union of Indian SMEs, and a number of directors of major Indian private and government companies to clarify the Damascus International Fair And facilities that can be offered to companies wishing to participate.

Sharif Al -Khatib