Researchers and Industrialists Discuss the Development of the Industrial Sector

DAMASCUS- The Supreme Commission for Scientific Research held on Monday, at the headquarters of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, its second meeting to activate the national policy for science, technology and innovation. The event was attended by more than 300 researchers from various Syrian universities and representatives of industrial activities from the public and private sectors.

The participants in the meeting confirmed the importance of mapping out the foundations for the involvement of the private-public industrial sector in the boards of directors of national, educational and research institutions and the establishment of a national observatory for the development of global technologies, identifying the Syrian potentials and opportunities for introducing and settling new technologies, selecting appropriate technologies for the national industry and developing national labs.

 The scientific proposals fall within several research axes, most notably the contribution of the industry in supporting scientific research and technological development through the implementation of research on ways to encourage the private sector to invest in scientific research and develop the spectrum of Syrian industries according to local, regional and global market requirements, rehabilitation of educational, research and training establishments for current and future industry requirements.

The research axes also include developing reality of Syrian industries quality management, defining their requirements, developing management systems and methods of production in various Syrian industries and technical integration support, improve energy and water efficiency in modern technologies and introduction of Syrian industries, introducing modern technologies, developing individual and collective innovation system and establishing science and technology parks in industrial complexes.

In remarks to journalists, General Director of the Supreme Commission of Scientific Research, Dr. Hussein Saleh, clarified that the meeting aims to initiate the implementation of national policy projects in the industrial sector in accordance with the importance and priority need and identify the researchers assigned to their application and exploitation of their output optimally.

Deputy Minister of Industry, Dr. Gamal Al-Omar, pointed out the need of concerted efforts to promote the industry and benefit from the research projects put forward in the reconstruction of industrial facilities and production lines and provide their requirements and openness to the latest technological developments in this area.

Head of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Mohammed Ghassan Al-Qalaa, said that scientific research supports industrial and commercial projects, puts them on the right track and leads them to their desired results. He pointed out the need to return the Syrian industry to its brightness and overcome the difficulties prevailed as a result of the war.

Earlier this month, the Commission held its first meeting to activate the national science, technology and innovation sectors. Participants discussed scientific research proposals for the development of the agricultural sector.

Sh. Kh.