Grape Production in Sweida Estimated at 54.000 Tons

Swaida-The Directorate of Agriculture in Sweida estimated the province's total production of grape fruits for the current season at 54.223 tons, 51.939 tons are rainfed while the rest are irrigated.

The Director of Agriculture, Eng. Ayham Hamed, told SANA correspondent on Sunday that the expected production is good compared to the weather conditions and exposure of the vineyard shrubs to damage of cold.

 Eng. Hamed pointed out that the total area planted with grape vine trees in the governorate is 9869 hectares and the total number of trees in this area is 4.6 million of which 3.9 million are fruit trees concentrated mostly in the mountainous areas, al-Kufr, Miamas, al-Sahwa, Arman, Shahba and Qanawat.

Grape trees are one of the basic crops in the province of Sweida. The fruits of the grapes are characterized by their variety such as al -Salti of all kinds and al -Halwani.

The production of Sweida last season of grape fruit was about 58170 tons.


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