Libya to Participate in the Damascus International Fair

Moscow- The Libyan Businessmen Council in Benghazi announced on Friday that Libya is preparing to participate in the Damascus International Fair (DIF) in its 60th session in September.

 A spokesman for the Libyan Businessmen's Council, Benghazi branch, Mohamed Ramadan Ben Ghazi, told Sputnik that Libya "will participate in the Damascus International Fair," noting that the DIF "is considered a most important event that takes place every year."

 Mr. Ben Ghazi said that there is a committee to register a large number of Libyan companies and businessmen to participate in the activities of the Damascus International Fair.

The number of countries confirmed to participate in the 60th session of the Damascus International Fair so far is 15 and it is expected to reach the number to 50 countries expressed their willingness to participate through official shares or agents and commercial partnerships, as explained by the Director of the Establishment of Fairs and International Markets Fares Kortalli told SANA.

Sh. Kh.