Some 52 Companies in the Exhibition of "Made in Syria" in Benghazi

Benghazi - With the participation of 52 Syrian industrial companies, activities of the exhibition “Made in Syria” for direct sale was opened in the Libyan city of Benghazi on Thursday.

The exhibition was held by the Syrian Exporters Federation and Damascus Chamber of Industry with the support of the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade and the Council of Businessmen in Benghazi.

The 4,000-meter exhibition includes products from clothing, footwear, food, detergents, chemical and engineering products.


The head of the Exporters Federation, Mohammed Al-Sawah, talked in a statement to the correspondent of SANA, about the importance of this exhibition, which offers a wide range of Syrian products to Libyan consumers with the high quality and suitable prices to re-open Libyan markets to Syrian products.

Mr. Al-Sawah pointed to the Federation's efforts to establish a center for Syrian exports in the city of Benghazi, whose products will be constantly updated by Syrian industrialists to contribute to the continuous supply of Syrian products to the Libyan markets.

The head of the Syrian delegation to the exhibition, Ruba Abboud, expressed her happiness in activating the joint economic and trade cooperation between Syria and Libya through this exhibition and said, "We have the honor to offer the Syrian product in Libya at the appropriate prices and high quality."

For her part, the President of the Council of Libyan Businessmen, Benghazi Branch, Fawzia Ferjani pointed out that the exhibition is the beginning of the exhibitions coming to push the economic wheel in the city of Benghazi and Libya forward.

For his part, the chairman of Benghazi International Exhibition, Abdullah Al-Warshfani, said that the exhibition is an important economic event on the level of economic relations between Syria and Libya, which will open the economic window of the city of Benghazi and Libya to move the wheel of economy in the country and between the two countries.

Sh. Kh.