A Remarkable Turnout at the Syrian Pavilion at the Spring Trade Fair in Pyongyang

Pyongyang-The Syrian pavilion at the 21stSpring Trade Fair, which kicked off in Pyongyang, received a strong response from Korean citizens, guests and foreign diplomats.

The Syrian pavilion included various exhibits of fabrics, handicrafts, hand-made clothes, foodstuffs, pastries and decorative cloth posters of the Syrian heritage, which bear the culture, the history stories and the seven gates of Damascus.

The Syrian Embassy in the DPRK distributed tourist and media publications about Syria, its cities and countryside, and the reality of its cultural and social life, and installed a television screen in the Syrian pavilion to display historical and tourist sites in Syria.

The Korean Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Economy of the DPRK visited the Syrian pavilion and looked at the Syrian models and products.

In an interview with the voice of Korea, Syrian Ambassador,Tammam Suleiman, thanked the DPRK government for its interest in Syria's participation in the fair, pointing out that Syrian products despite the war on Syria are still able to reach the ends of the world.

Mr. Suleiman said relations between Syria and the DPRK despite the geographic distance between the two countries are deeply rooted in history and are growing stronger over time. The two countries are now confident in the face of the hostile forces, adopting an independent policy based on the will of peoples above all else.


Sh. Kh.