Douma Hosts Ghouta Shopping Festival

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE– The Syrian city of Douma, recently liberated from terrorists by the Syrian Arab army, is currently hosting "Ghouta shopping festival" With the participation of more than 40 local companies.

The festival aims to provide the citizens in Douma with all basic materials they need in cheaper prices than in the market. It also aims at activating the economic life in eastern Ghouta.

 The Festival, which was opened on Sunday and will last till Wednesday, May 16th, was organized by Cham Company for Exhibitions and Conferences in collaboration with the Syrian Trading Establishment and Damascus Countryside Governorate.

According to Director of the "Cham" Company for Exhibitions and Conferences Nibras Mjarkesh, companies specialized in food, transformative and textile industries as well as owners of micro-sized enterprises are taking part in the event as to achieve mutual benefit between the people of Douma and the owners of companies and enterprises.

After Douma, the festival will move to the towns of Erbin, Ein Tarma and to eastern Qalamoun areas.

A number of locals who visited the shopping festival said that basic materials are available in suitable prices, hoping that such activities will be held continuously.

Hamda Mustafa