Syria, DPRK Discuss the Development of Economic and Trade Cooperation

 Pyongyang- The Syrian-Korean Joint Economic Committee, which held its 10th session in the House of Parliament in Pyongyang, discussed recently the development of economic, scientific, technical and commercial cooperation between the two countries and the draft memorandums of understanding and agreements to be concluded during the session.

 the DPRK Minister of External Economic Relations Kim Yong Jae, who is the head of the Korean side, underlined the importance of cementing the long-standing friendship between the two countries, highlighting the victories of the Syrian Arab army.

  Mr. Yong Jae expressed his country’s gratitude to Syria for its support for the DPRK's just causes in the field of reunification of the Korean nation and the issue of human rights and assistance to the Korean people.

 For his part, Minister of Finance, Dr. Mamoun Hamdan, President of the Syrian side, said that the tenth session was an embodiment of the great work initiated by the first leaders, which is now under the auspices of President Bashar al-Assad and President Kim Jong-un.

 Mr. Hamdan congratulated the Korean side on the summit meeting between the two Koreas, expressing the hope that it will contribute to realizing the aspirations of the Korean people in the two countries and to bringing peace and security to the Korean Peninsula and the world.

 As for the situation in Syria, Mr. Hamdan talked about the destruction and sabotage of the economic structures in Syria, pointing out that the Syrian government started a comprehensive project to restore normal life and secure the livelihood of those affected by terrorism crimes everywhere.

 He pointed out that Syria appreciates the role being played by the friendly countries and their stand in the reconstruction process,noting that the holding of the tenth session of the Syrian-Korean joint committee will strengthen relations between the two countries to serve the two friendly peoples.

 The meeting between the Finance Minister and the Head of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, Kim Yong Nam, also dealt with the historic relations between the two friendly countries and the importance of developing them in all fields.

 Earlier, he Minister of Finance and Assistant Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Bassam Haidar discussed with the Director of Ebtikar Company for Electronic Commerce, Han Sung Chul the cooperation in the field of electronic exchange of information. The Korean official explained how to benefit from the innovation of electronic commerce and offer the possibility of cooperation with Syria in this field.

 The Executive Group which included the head of the Planning and International Cooperation Authority, Thuraya Al-Idlebi, Director General of the Investment Authority in Syria, Medyan Diab, discussed draft memorandums of understanding and agreements to be concluded in the fields of industry, investment, construction, labor, education, customs, CD-ROMs, airlines and electricity.

Sh. Kh