Fourth Businessmen Forum Sends Message to the World that Syrian Economy Is Recovering Despite Unjust Blockade

Concluding its activities on Thursday in Lattakia, the Fourth Businessmen Forum titled “Investment Incentives in Syria in Post-War Era”, recommended reactivating economy, encouraging investment in different domains in the Syrian coastal area, promoting handicrafts and establishing industrial zones.

The recommendations also urged making use of the available investment incentives, carrying out the investment projects submitted in the forum by the Syrian investment commission and accelerating the amendment of investment law and other relevant legislations.

 The forum's recommendations called for the return of Syrian expatriates to their homeland and urged businessmen to carry out projects jointly with the public sector.

 Maintaining the country's ports to cope with economic development requirements, supporting industries based on fish resources and carrying out real estate development projects and establishing insurance fund against losses resulted from different kinds of disasters were among the recommendations which also encouraged holding more businessmen forums to enhance communication and cooperation between businessmen and the government side.

On the sidelines of the two-day forum, the "Syriatimes" e-newspaper interviewed a number of participants to highlight the forum's activities.

Abdul Wahab Orfali, Chairman of the Orfali Group for Consultations and Training, the organizer of the forum, said "We chose holding the Fourth Businessmen Forum in Lattakia because the province enjoys fertile investment environment especially in the tourism, trade, marine transport and services sectors”.

"Through holding such forums, the group aims at consolidating cooperation between businessmen on the one hand and private and public establishments on the other as to carry out joint investment projects and exchanging innovative thoughts and initiatives," he stressed.

On his part, Head of the Syrian investment Agency (SIA) Madian Diab said that the SIA  seeks implementing the government's directives to support the national economy and to revive and encourage the country's investment process.

He added that the government exerts unremitting efforts to support and offer all facilitations to the uncompleted projects.

"Within the framework of the Syrian government’s development program in the post-war era, a special investment plan has been worked out for Lattakia province to pave the way for investors to carry out different projects as to meet the needs of national economy and support social and economic plans” Diab clarified.

Diab highly appreciated the key role of this forum in enhancing partnership between the state’s sectors as well as  establishments and the private, charity and development sides as to contribute actively to rebuilding Syria.

 Rawad Dabous, a businessman, who is chairman of the Board of Directors of the Damascus-based Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) Club, valued holding this forum to send a clear message to the world that the Syrian economy is recovering despite the unjust blockade and coercive economic measures imposed on Syria.

 Dabous pointed out that the Syrian industry has been able to prove its presence and brilliance as a competitor in the neighboring countries in terms of quality .

He urged more support  by the government to small and medium-sized enterprises as they are the main pillars in boost the national economy.

"Syrian industrialists, businessmen and investors are skilled and talented. They enjoy remarkable presence in Syria and abroad," Dabous said, calling on all Syrian expatriates to return to Syria very soon”.

He hailed procedures taken by the government, especially the Finance Ministry, to support industrial production and provide necessary facilitations to encourage industrial investments.

Monaf Al zoubi , Director of Victoria Company for Medical Services in Damascus stressed the importance of holding this forum after seven-year of unjust war on Syria and noted the need to revive all sectors especially investment as to support national economy.

He hailed the active participation of businessmen from all Syrian provinces in the forum to exchange thoughts and expertise, stressing that the unjust war on Syria has strengthened the Syrians’ steadfastness and will to rebuild their lovely country.


Interviewed by Rawaa-Ghanam